About Justeve - woman clothing and accessories

Just’Eve is a Brussels-based, contemporary, elegant, ready-to-wear collection with a light rock content. We design and produce quality knitwear with the use of special yarns and vibrant custom shades, luxurious silk which is a true delight for the skin and stitched leather, this with the courage of mixing different prints gives Just’Eve a true DNA.

Marie Finné - design for justeve

Marie Finné

Marie Finné is dedicated to fashion design for over 30 years.

Born into a family of artists (painter, sculptor, architect), she trained as an interior architect, with an exceptional passion for everyday beauty. Every piece of clothing Marie designs meets the needs of women looking for authenticity and wanting to express themselves; of women on the move who don’t want to compromise comfort for aesthetics; of women whose choice of clothing reflects their inner beauty.

Symbolism is omnipresent “to instil energy into the clothing”. It’s even in the name of each and every piece of the collection. After all, Marie’s secret lies in her passion for the subtle energies and tradition of this millennium, which are a permanent source of inspiration and liberty, and in a communicative joy in life…