Finally the photoshoot of fw19 has come. Shooting a campaign is one of the most exciting steps in the process of creating a clothing line. The creations finally come to life and the hard work will be all worth it. Today we will give a little inside look of the fw19 campaign. 

Our model

The face we chose to represent our brand is Romi . She’s a beautiful Belgian model that fits the style of Just’Eve well. She has that playful, tomboyish vibe to her. She fits Just’Eve perfectly because she’s not your everyday face. She stands out from the crowd with her light colored hair and dark eyebrows. She looks kind of tomboyish, yet very feminine. She’s a playful, feminine and empowered woman. And let that be exactly what we want to represent here at Just’Eve.

Our location

The shooting location was ON POINT! We find that the location should express and represent the brand. And since , at Just’Eve, we love ourselves some art, we thought an art atelier would be the perfect location to shoot our fw19 collection. If you have read our previous blog post, you’ll know that Just’Eve gets most of its inspiration from art. We incorporate art works in our prints designs, shootings … It’s kind of “our thing”. Take a look at all the wonderful and fun objects of the art atelier ->

Sneak peek

At Just’Eve, we are so proud of the new collection that we have worked so hard on to create. That is why it’s so exciting to see all the pieces come to life. We want to give you a sneak peek of some of the pieces that you soon will be able to buy in stores.

We hope you enjoy the sneak peak as much as we did!

Stay tuned for more exciting news about fw19!

Made with ♡, Just’Eve

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