Interview with fashion designer Marie Finné

Marie Finné is a Belgian fashion designer and the founder of Justeve. To be able to work and grow as a fashion label Marie Finné created a prêt-à-porter line. This line is fabricated industrially using high quality materials, to make clothes that are elegant and practical.

Marie Finné - design for justeve

She told us more about her work…


Can you give us a personal description?

I come from a family of artists; painters, sculptors, architects.

That’s where my artistic sensibility comes from.


What did you study?

I studied Interior & Design Architecture at Saint Luc in Brussels.

At the beginning of my career I worked for an architect, after a few years a friend who had developed a ready- to – wear collection contacted me to work together and I stayed there for several years.

That’s where I learned everything; the choice of materials, the development of models, the entire process of creating a collection from A to Z.


What is the relationship with fashion?

While I intended to grow in interior design and art in general, I was parachuted in the fashion world.

It’s the chance of life and I am very delighted!


How has Justeve arisen?

During a yoga session abroad, in this positive energy along the sea, a friend convinced me to develop a collection with her.

It started with leather jackets and silk scarves.

Today I’m still very grateful, even if I continue the adventure without her, she gave me the click!


What is the meaning of the name “Justeve”?

“Just” represents the strong and unique woman.

“Eve” represents femininity, the rebellious and sensual woman.


How would you describe the Justeve universe?

The Justeve universe is primarily a personality.

The woman in all its splendour.

A mix between the active 21st century woman and this woman who wants to feel comfortable while remaining in tune with the times.

Justeve is a stylish and comfortable, delicate universe; a universe which is based according to the mood.

A young mind that flushes the women of elegance.


What is the style of Justeve?

The Justeve style puts in parallel two tags: Casual/Chic.

Justeve is a fabulous blend of the MOM style, a touch of elegance, refinement due to its incomparable materials and the DAUGHTER style who likes to be modish and free through the appreciation of noble materials.

Quality knitwear with the use of specialty yarns and vivid custom hues, luxurious silks that requires a caress on the skin, delicate leather, colourful prints, braids, embroidery, the audacity to mix one print with another is the true DNA of Justeve.


Why are you so passionate about details?

The details are the secret of the personality for a brand.

It’s his identity.

Perseverance has always wanted to innovate in creativity.

If there were no details, fashion would be monotonous.

Details are the soul of a collection.

It is the Justeve personality.


What is your ambition in the world of fashion?

Touching the heart of women with good taste and having recognition for the materials we use and the worries of details that nourish our finest pieces of the collection.

We want to set up in the world of fashion while respecting our identity and our consumers.


Now you create clothing and accessories, which other categories do you have in mind for the future?

For now, the challenge is essentially in the creations of clothing and accessories. It is important for us to stay focused. In the near future, once well established in the European market, why not children clothing to create a MOM-DAUGHTER- JUNIOR style?


Do you have a ritual of creation?

Sometimes for some collections, according to my mood I use spiritual energy as sources of inspiration.

The 5 elements, the runes and Ogham’s…for example.

But in general terms, my team and I, we draw, we’re looking, we invent, we simply create…

The symbiosis between creative minds can give very interesting results and richness in personality.


Do you have a fetish material?

Silk, cashmere and leather.


What is your strongest motivation?

Young people around me, people who give me the desire to do even better season after season.

Being able to work with skilled people, I appreciate people who know their business.

It’s a fact that a lot of people are getting into fashion, but I try to make a difference to keep our identity which is using noble materials because that is what I like to wear.


From where do you get your inspiration?

My travels, my moods of the moment, a moment, a sense, it depends.

Trends also… but most important, I like to think out of the box and keep what I have in mind.

“In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic.”

The inspirations are not lacking!

How would you describe Justeve in three words?

Instinctive • Noble • Elegant


Who is the Justeve woman?

The Justeve woman is open minded, fearless but especially elegant. This is a woman of character who likes to reveal her personality through her clothes. A relaxed but active woman.

We create comfortable clothes for the elegant look.


What makes Justeve unique in the market?

Our qualities and an eye for details combined with a touch of madness on some pieces is wat makes Justeve unique in the market


Do you have projects in the near future?


Finding new markets and opening Justeve stores over Europe is a strong ambition.

It would be wonderful to educate the Japanese women personality, who knows… maybe one day.


Where to find Justeve in Belgium?

Everywhere. Feel free to visit the website, all the info is there.

Be curious and discover our universe…

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What a really interesting interview to read ! Thanks to Justeve team for its unique fashion style. We look forwad to discover more !

Courouble Sandrine

Marie is a talented designer. Sandrine, fan of Justeve !!

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