Justeve goes cultural in Brussels

After a busy prep week for the new collection, it was time for a Saturday getaway. We want to share with you the must-see cultural places in Brussels.

The sun was out, perfect day for our favorite spring summer Justeveoutfit and a visit to our  capital city. Brussels is full of beautiful places; like we said, as close to Paris as a city in Belgium can get. Let me tell you more about it;

Brussels is one of those places that is left unnoticed and misunderstood for being a grey and rainy destination. – This is why; Brussels is a hidden spot, which takes time to discover. Being a proud #madeinBelgium brand, Justeve loves all the little (and big 😉) things that make our capital city a real hotspot!

Starting our day with a delicious brunch in Le Pain Quotidien; one of our favorite #madeinbelgium spots, with our hands wrapped around a bowl of coffee. We were looking over the beautiful galleries Saint-Hubert, designed in the Italianate style of architecture (really inspiring btw!)

If you ask us, The Galeries Royales/Saint-Hubert is a real treasure for those who love to combine architecture and shopping. We ran across famous Belgian chocolatiers, delicious pastries (we must admit we like a guilty pleasure once in a while), a couple of noteworthy bookstores and of course the coolest and most luxurious shopping windows.

After our perfect avocado & salmon tartine, we felt like moving on and continued our day.

While walking around the streets, we came across the Unesco World Heritage sight: The Grand Place of Brussels. The awesome architecture attracts a lot of tourists and makes us feel even more proud to be Belgian.

Stretching our legs while shopping, we felt like taking a break. Did someone say coffee?

Brussels has a great deal of new spots, popping up all over the city. Or coffee roasters stays one of our favorites.  After their first coffee bar in Ghent, Brussel was next on their list to open a coffee bar. Or Coffee Roasters understands us coffee lovers and they take coffee seriously. Their coffee varieties are selected all over the world and their specialized techniques make sure that the flavor and aroma of each type of coffee are highlighted. It is the perfect spot to read your favorite fashion magazine, but you can also hop in for a quick coffee break as they do takeaway as well. Something us fashions peeps love because we are constantly running out of time😉!

Heading back home, we crossed one of the famous comic strip walls. On this mural, the espionage hero Victor Sackville is illustrated. He is not the most famous comic book hero but the portrait is genius (a forgotten must-see!) Moreover, this mural shows the typical Brussels cobbles, a plus for us architectural fans.

Perfect ending to a perfect Saturday? Time for a cheat meal, you can’t leave Brussels without eating delicious frites. Brussels has plenty of places selling fries, but we always feel most attracted to spots where locals are queuing, in this case: Maison Antoine. A good hand-cut frite, all natural without the sauces. What else?


That was our getaway in Brussels: a day with the most stunning views, lovely restaurants and worthy boutiques. I hope I triggered you guys to make some time to visit Brussels.

Let us know what your favorite places in Brussels are!

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