Paris exists to remind us our dreams are real...

End of may, great time for a visit to our world most romantic city. But that’s not the reason we visit this city of love!


Let us take you for a tour around the city.


Paris is one of our all time main fashion capitals. History repeats that the most memorable fashion moments happened there. It is the city where Coco Chanel introduced her LBD, thé essential element of ANY woman’s wardrobe. When we say fashion we think Fashion Week, YES guys, Paris has the biggest one!

Not to mention, now we finally have the perfect excuse to go the French style every day. For our French neighbours, fashion goes deeper than labels and shopping. Just admit it; Parisiens have a great sense of style, whether they work at the medicine or in finance,  they have a keen eye for stylish dressing. Let alone, the Haute Couture is born in Paris: you can find the greatest designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Dior, Hermès…

As Audrey Hepburn pointed out in her masterpiece Sabrina, Paris is always a good idea.

Now, let us tell you about our perfect weekend in Paris.

Starting our morning the classic French way with a petit déjeuner in a Parisian café; over coffee and a croissant. Enjoying the lovely street view and looking at the passers-by, we were surprised how calm the streets were on a Saturday. After our second coffee, (gosh the french cafés are really the best),  it was time to move.

We decided to do everything by foot, it’s the best way to enjoy the vibrant cacophony of Parisian sounds, footsteps on cobblestone streets or shutters of the tourists cameras.

We passed a little ‘photography shop’: with the most unique pieces of photographic art. The owner of the shop collects his photos from all over the world, which results in the most amazing photos of our favorite artists and stars.

Like you guys already know; Justeve loves inspiring muses et surtout the French ones.
Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Anne Parillaud, Juliette Binoche and Jeanne Moreau, you name it. Not only because of their charming French accent, we have to admit it, they absolutely do have the most fashionable & feminine style.

Strolling on, we caught a glimpse of the beautiful collection of Vincent Peters. The famous photographer dedicated himself to the world of fashion & celebrity photographing. He recently worked for Vogue and works with beauties Emma Watson, Kirsten Stewart, Emilia Clarke, Scarlett Johansson and many more.

Time for some shopping now! What do you expect, when you are in Paris… We decided to go straight to 1er arrondissement. Our best-loved neighbourhood around Le Louvre & Centre Pompidou.

First up was the magnet for both tourists as locals: the cult store Colette. It is more than a shop, it is a full experience😉, from the most unique clothing pieces to jewellery and even furniture.
Next it was time for a must-visit in Paris: the vintage shop Kiliwatch. The hip and huge store has a large selection of garments for women, men and children. Kiliwatch is situated in the neighbourhood of Montorgueil, a hip spot with trendy eateries. Walking on to Le Marais (3ième), the hotbed of independent French designers. Here is where we fashionistas love to discover new young talents.

After this, we could use a break in the sun on a lovely terrace. We picked out a light lunch and enjoyed the sun & lovely view. After lunch, we passed a few galleries, but the wonderful weather held us back to stay too long inside. A girl needs some tanning… There is no better combination than shopping & tanning, right? 😉

We told you Brussels has wonderful galleries and shopping windows? Well sorry guys, Paris has the best! Louboutin, Chanel, Dior… they sure know how to make a girl dream!

While packing our bags for Paris, we had to pack  a lot of dresses; it’s bright yet simple to complement the vibrant scenery of Paris. The Justeve dress was a perfect pick out. Shopping is definitely exercise and we felt like taking une petite sieste. Hoeray for Uber, in a couple of minutes they pick you up wherever you want to.

Happy to arrive at the hotel we took a look outside. A room with a view? Damn right it was!

Enough with the napping, time to get moving in this vibrant city . With a silk jumpsuit and high heels, we took off to the reservation at the Thai restaurant, Blue Elephant (highly recommended!). After dinner, it was time for Cocktails and a Saturday night out @ Matignon (yay!)

After some sleep, we ate breakfast in La Providence, a hotel well known for their fabulous brunches. Afterwards we took the metro towards Champs Elysées, because a visit to Paris isn’t a visit without a walk down la plus belle avenue du monde.

After shopping, time for some culture. Le Louvre is a must-visit piece of architecture, a real hotspot for us who love art. Not only its enormous art collection makes the place a real attraction; you can enjoy the architecture while you walk around the nice boutiques.

Last but not least, although we lost track of time, it was time for a late (& mouth-watering!) lunch  @Hotel Costes, our favorite spot in Paris. Not only the food, but de scenery, music & people are so fabulous. You feel like you could stay there all afternoon.
PS, check out their awesome playlists on Spotify!

Do you love Paris as much as Justeve does? Let us know!

Love, #justeve #justforyou

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