Justeve loves Belmodo Fashion Days

Hi guys!

We wanted to share with you what Justeve has been up to this weekend.

As a #madeinbelgium brand, Justeve loves Belgian fashion. This year we couldn’t stand missing the Stocksales and so we visited the Belmodo Fashion days on Saturday. After our own sample sales, which were busy busy, we went to Antwerp to discover this year’s treasures.

First things first, the sun was out so it was the perfect occasion to wear our sunglasses and to wear one of our  favorite Justeve tunics (yay!). As you all know, accessorizing your outfit  is a must, what better way to accessorize than with our Justeve shopper bag for a day of shopping?!

Today, Antwerp; also known as an international fashion capital, was even more attractive thanks to the Stocksales! As we arrived, we received the Belmodo cityguide which was very handy for us to choose & visit our favorite designers.

The first one up was Dries Van Noten, this place called ‘paradise’ was extremely big allowing to stock a huge amount of the most unique pieces of Dries. We didn’t know where to begin, not only because of the large number of remaining clothes, also because of the fabrics. We had to restrain ourselves, because this was only our first stop. OOPS!

We just couldn’t stop looking at the amazing clothes and not to mention their insane fabrics. But honestly, can you blame us? 😉

Eventually we had to leave Dries’ wonderland and we moved on to Ann Demeulemeester, welcome paradise part II. Ann’s collection definitely inspired us; quality fabrics which is so important to her that they dedicated a whole room to show us, the use of layering, details, color combinations… We also talked about the neccessity of accessorizing; a must was to see the shoe collection of Ann Demeulemeester; a true work of art!

Did you know? Justeve produces where Dries and Ann produce. Now you know why we are such fabric freaks!

No time to lose, let’s move on. We arrived at Haider Ackerman’s collection, also a big inspiration for us. You could see that we weren’t the only ones impressed by his design, lots of students came in to discover his art of fashion and they all left with bags filled with fabrics, it was so great to see all the very young potential designers amoung us who are also inspired by belgian design.

Waw, after those first super crowded stock sales, we could use an energy refill. We stopped by  Caffènation, a must visit trendy coffee place! At Caffènation, they use freshly roasted Seasonal Specialty beans. The perfect energy shot we needed.

We still had one on our list! Time for some more Belgian talents. Justeve loves details and most certainly unique pieces. At la Fille d’O lingerie, they do understand what unique means. Her designs combine good quality and awesome designs. We love lingerie and it was a worthy visit to her stock sale.


Who said shopping is no exercise? Believe us, after this intensive shopping day, our legs were tired as hell. By now it was 6pm, time for apero! We went tot this place called Marnix Place, a market full with nice & trendy bars, where the last sunbeams shone on our face. It was the perfect start of our night in Antwerp city. We talked for hours about the inspiring designers and the many IT pieces that were for sale and afterwards we grabbed dinner at Burgers & Booze. The decoration of the place was awesome; the most notorious movie characters were painted on the walls. On top of this they serve veggie, glutenfree & lactosefree options, WAW, score!

Our day was a blast, fulfilled with Belgian designer love we left the city.
Tell us, what are your favorite designers? Let us know!

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