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JUSTEVE is a Brussels-based, contemporary, elegant, ready-to-wear collection with a light rock content. The courage of mixing different prints gives JUSTEVE a true DNA.

Eager to discover the passions of Justeve?


First of all. We are incredibly proud to be Belgian. We are convinced that the Belgian fashion industry has a unique story to tell.
We fashion lovers know and, of course, follow actively the Antwerp Six. What’s more: Justeve even produces in the same factory as Dries van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester, Annemie Verbeke,…does! Nowadays Belgium, especially Antwerp, is a piece of couture heaven.

Unlike almost every brand  nowadays; Justeve chooses consciously not to sell online.  By this, Justeve respects his distributors and maintains exclusivity.

We aim to be exclusive, with stores picked out preciously. This is how Justeve offers you a top-notch brand.


Justeve loves details, you already know that by now😉. But that’s what makes the clothing unique & exclusive. As our designer Marie Finné told you in one of our previous blogposts:

Details are the soul of a collection

Justeve  produces in fabrics that consist of 100% natural fabrics. We use high-quality materials, which are light, flattering & soft. The fine details emphasize the unique character of Justeve.

Curious about the mainly used fabrics?

  • The smooth & soft texture of silk which is a true caress for the skin and is a very durable & therefore important material for Justeve.
  • Our handcrafted superkid mohair knits with the use of  Italian yarns is made in Belgium. We love it so much because of its strong and one of a kind character!
  • Who doesn’t love cashmere? Cashmere comes from the soft undercoat of goats bred to produce the wool. Did you know it takes more than two goats to make a single two- ply sweater? The cashmere we use is manufactured in Nepal Kathmandu, which confirms the purity and quality of it. It’s one of our top favorite, especially for the winter season coming up.
  • Leather; whether it is goat foil leather, suede or nappa leather. The fabric is a durable and most rockish material you can use.


Justeve wants to provide women a DAY – TO – NIGHT look. Running from work to play and everywhere in between all day long may be murder on your feet, but it doesn’t have to tax your style. Justeve will, no matter what the time of day, keep you chic around the clock.

For example; that perfect GOLD leather goat foil jacket is a must-have for your wardrobe. You can wear it during the day and mix it with a skinny and a loose blouse with cool boots or sneakers and you can also pimp it up and wear it by night with a LBD and some killer heels, add a golden sequin clutch and fill the room with your presence aka OOTN!
We love to mix & match!
That is the great thing about the brand: you can combine several styles and rock your unique & awesome look. With Justeve you are able to create your own personal look and express yourself.

A passion for #lifestyle, #art, #design, #music & wonderful #destinations

You guys already noticed how Justeve loves to discover new hotspots. This doesn’t mean one has to go to an exotic destination (although we crave to take the plane and travel to a beach resort 😉).

Belgium has a lot to offer: Brussels, Ghent, Bruges, Antwerp,… you name it! If you go abroad, Paris is our all time favorite.

Wining & dining… Name one thing that sounds better than a good dinner on a lovely terrace at sunset with a glass of wine?  And what goes along with a good night out… Great music & company of course. As we love to discover all the new belgian artists, we are big fans of the well-known international artists as well. Some jazzy beats over dinner and electronic vibes during a summer festival. Sounds like a good plan for us!

Talking music… Guys, We Can Dance is coming up.
That moment of the year where you combine your fabulous outfit with your favorite music. Have you picked out your Desert Dreams outfit yet? Justeve has some inspirational units for you…

Last but not least, we love architecture; inspirational buildings, interiors, landscapes, books, … and everything that goes along with it.  Again, Belgium makes us fill out our agendas with all the upcoming expositions.

We’ve shared our passions, what are yours?

Love, #justeve #justforyou

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