Behind the scenes: creating SS21

After all the promoting and sales of the latest collection is done, it is time to start creating a new one. Creating an entirely new collection is exciting but also a lot of work. In this blog, we will take you on a journey through the process of creating a new Just’Eve collection.

Creating a mood

It all starts with looking for inspiration. Where do we find that inspiration? EVERYWHERE! We look for garments, prints, places, people … Out of all those sources we make a mood board to portray the feelings we want our collection to evoke when wearing our garments. This is an important step in the process because this is the actual start of the collection!

Creating perfectly fitted garments

When we’ve decided which mood we want to create it is time to start thinking about the style of the collection and the models we want to introduce this season. One thing is for sure, Marie Finne & Chanel Leroy, our designers, always creates garments that fit perfectly on our client’s bodies. She works often from a basic model and works her way up to a unique, perfectly fitted piece of art.

Choosing the right fabrics

Together with creating the models, we go on a mission to find the perfect prints, colors and fabrics. As mentioned in the previous blog, we only work with fabrics derived from natural sources such as silk, viscose and cotton. We visit fabric manufacturers to decide on which quality and prints would fit the new collection. Since we are a “prints”-brand it is really important for us to choose unique, outstanding prints that will catch everyone’s eyes. We also create our own prints to be even more unique and exclusive.

Creating the perfect fitting

After the models are created, we need to make sure that they are wearable and adapted to fully fit the expectations of our clients (hem lines, lengths, cleavage,…). This is the part where prototypes are made. We send our drawings and technical sheets in to our manufacturer and they will make patterns and a prototype. When the prototype arrives, we check if everything looks like we expected. If there are any changes to be executed, we let the producers know what we would want to be changed. This goes on until we have the perfect fit!

The final stages of creating

After we’ve approved the prototype we invite our customers to our showroom where we present all the pieces of the collection. Our clients tell us which pieces and in what quantities they would like to order. That is how we decide which pieces will go into production and will eventually be sold in stores.

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